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Break free from wage slavery, be a creator all while serving others & helping shape the future!

This is the power of Practical Marketing.

Get Practical Marketing Tips & Tools To Truly Be An Agent of Change

Join our private community marketers from across the global.

Learn from each other to improve your practical marketing skills and become the best entrepreneurs & solopreneurs in the world!

Or at least that you can be sustianable, happy and free :)

Integrately - Integration platform

Sustainable. Practical. Marketing. 

We are not experts and our members come from all backgrounds. We are however generalist with interests in business, psychology, sustainability, science, philosophy and history.

You ask, we are a community answer, our projects profit.



This project is founded by Khushi Shah & Josh van Veen. Although we know bits about business and have practiced solopreneurship we haven't had anything stick. Together we will be sharing our marketing efforts, what worked what didn't so that we can all learn together and use our interests, passions and skills to benefit another for a mutual sustainable future. 

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personal development

& sustainable living enthusiasts

Features? No. Benefits? Yes.

You are not going to get a bunch of useless features. You are going to get a bunch of valuable benefits.

  • Membership with access to a private Facebook group.

  • New lessons and reviews every month on all aspects of marketing including media buying, email marketing, copywriting, funnel design, and more.

  • Completely free, leave anytime. No long-term contracts. No fees.

  • Not happy with your marketing or project? Let us learn from each other and develop sustainable businesses of mutual benefit and cooperation. You have nothing to loss, 100% risk-free.

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    This is not a course.

    This is a community. If you don't know the difference yet, you will soon.

  • You'll see us learn the principles of copywriting to write sales letters, emails, and social media ads.

  • You'll see us learn how to setup converting Ads from scratch, even if you have no experience at all.

  • You'll see us learn how to record appealing videos that get you more sales on autopilot.

  • You'll see us learn how to design high-converting and beautiful-looking funnels for your offers.

  • You'll see us learn how to get highly-qualified leads through platforms like Facebook and Messenger.

  • Join the Community

    Real Challenges.

    The "real" is in case you think we make our challenger up. We don't, we really have to learn all this ourselves.

    We are going to show you the management strategies and tactics that we are using so you can see the backend of our business and learn from our mistakes and successes.


    We are going to show you our whole sale and client acquisitions methods from behind the scenes. How they work and how they didn't.


    You will see how we develop and implement our products and service to be of value to your customers. Or how we missed the mark!

    Product & Service Development

    You will see how we manage our relationships, provide customer service and support in a way that is hopefully sustainable. Even if it isn't your going to see it first hand.

    Customer Relationships

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    Integrately - Integration platform